Dead Sexy QUEERED party rules

Rules. Read Me.

We’re all responsible adults, so the rules are simple and few. Read carefully.
Respect others’ scenes.  Don’t intrude, offer advice, or make loud comments. Please keep quiet-ish around a scene in progress

Anyone acting like a jerk will be asked to leave.

Take NO for an answer. Take STOP for an order. Party safeword is “SAFEWORD”

NO CAMERAS, PHOTOGRAPHY, recording or CEL PHONES inside the dungeon.

No hard drugs, no drunkenness.

Please contain your body fluids!  Use a blanket, dropcloth or towel.

Clean up after your scene!  Wipe furniture/keep things tidy/use trash cans.

No new entry OR re-entry after midnight. Doors are CLOSED except for leaving.

Fire play? Weapon play?  Check in with the DM; they’ll help secure your scene.

Informational tidbits:
Dungeon Monitors (DMs) love to be helpful. If you have problems or questions or need anything, ask them. If they ask you to do something, please do it.

The space outside the dungeon is shared during the early evening. Don’t share your kink and nudity overmuch with outsiders.

New to play parties? If you want, ask a DM for a tour or details.

Remember, this is YOUR party! Go ahead. Play. Fuck.
Fuck anywhere you like inside the dungeon! Cuddle.
Do a strip-tease. Watch a scene. Smile.

Join us for Dykemarch & Pride Parade 2009

Dykemarch & Pride Parade 2009

Join Canadian Mayhem / Bride of Pride as we stroll through Vancouver! Help us show a great kinky women’s presence! All women/trans welcome!


Dyke March
Saturday, Aug 1
Gather 11:30am at McSpadden Park.
Starts at noon.


Pride Parade
Sunday, August 2
We’re tagging along with MVK in the parade, so do drop by and join us at the staging area, or at anywhere along the route!
Parade starts at Robson and Thurlow!
Here’s where MVK’s doing the staging (pre-parade)

Here’s what the banner looks like!